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ACTOM (Pty) Ltd


General Marine

Over the years Electrowave Cape has developed particular skills & expertise in Naval and Maritime systems Engineering as follows:

  • Process automation, using PLC's & SCADA systems.
  • Power distribution & control, through the use of switchboards & Motor Control Centres (MCC).
  • Installation and maintenance of instrumention, telecommunication, control & power distribution equipment.
  • SCR Drive Upgrades.
  • Generator control system upgrades.
  • UHP water test rigs with certified Chart recorders with dual pressure and temperature read outs.
  • 5 x Fully fitted out self contained 6m containerised mobile workshops.

Electrowave Cape's skills and expertise are tailored to provide soloutions in the following areas:

  • Conceptual and System design of new and existing systems.
  • Manufacture, design, installation & commissioning of electrical & systems equipment.
  • Repair & maintenance of electrical & electronic equipment.

Our expertise enables Electrowave Cape to provide a top class service to the South African Navy & major companies in the maritime sector.
Our systems utilise commercially available DC and AC Drives, PLC's, SCADA's & other interface modules which are supportable worldwide and
have proven track records in the marine industry.
Equipment is selected on the basis of existing spares & systems onboard the vessel & existing knowledge of the technical staff.

Our designs are primarily based on, but not limited to, the following leading brand names in the industry:

  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley
  • General Electric
  • ABB
  • Schneider Electric (MG , Telemechanique)
  • Pheonix Contact